Dear Parents and Players,

Once again, it was an extremely difficult process to select this year’s teams.  As a coach, it is the most unenviable task you are ever faced with.  As I stated in our initial tryout date, the whole process is flawed and there is no way to feel comfortable and confident that we made ALL the correct decisions regarding selections.  With that being said, I want you to know that as a staff we did our very best to select this years edition of the GBBC.  Please know that I personally spent countless hours, with the input of many, to make this process as fair as possible.  Regardless of the outcome, all the young men that participated should be commended for their efforts and the courage they displayed in taking part in a difficult process.  For those who were not selected, there are multiple other programs in the area that they can participate in so as to continue to develop their skills and abilities in the game of basketball.  In my 33 years in the coaching profession, I can recall multiple young men who have suffered setbacks early in their experiences with basketball.  These setbacks strengthened their determination and resolve and many went on to have positive and productive careers.  I hope this is the case for many of you!

Thank you to all who participated.

Coach Casey

Uniform Fitting will take place at Upper Arlington High School on Wednesday, November 1 @ 7-8:30 PM in the First Floor Learning Center.



2017-2018  GBBC Teams

3rd grade GBBC squad selections







Will Graves


Alex Lowe


Ryan Potts

Luke Mitchell


Charlie Frieburger


Bobby Clifford

James Janowicz


Marshall Reinke


Grant Harold

Owen Zettler


Blake Aschliman


Ryan Creedon

Pete Dusseau


Henry Dusseau


Calvin Dusseau

Owen Meyers


Colin Weaver


Leo Switzer

Jack Parson


Hudson Copeland


Chris Gentner

Tyler Witten


Edward Oakley


Robbie Campbell

Charlie McKenna


Jack Ehler


Cooper Johnson

Luke Monin


Charlie Hunt


Drake Dorsey



Jason Graves


John Lowe


Chris Potts



4th grade GBBC squad selection







Hayden Henry


Hudson Acton


Eli Ching

Mike Fitzpatrick


Cam Croci


Luke Backes

Luke Straub


Drew Dunlap


Ciaran Maloney

Lucas Evangelista


Andrew Singer


Zeke Winklevoss

Nicholas Ardelea


Finn Callaghan


Bo Schaefer

Alex Smith


WK Abouhassan


Ryan Grim

Ryan Marks


Nate Nichols


Sean Mankowski

Wes Pine


Christian Geistfeld


Austin Zeno

Brody Larrison


Jake Braun


Luciano Harrigan

Nolan Dapore


Cooper McGinty


Drew Fahrbach



Shawn Henry


Bill Acton


David Ching

Mike Fitzpatrick


Matt Croci


Carl Backes



Doug Dunlap


Mike Moloney




5th grade GBBC squad selections









Cal Casey


Noah Gerhardt


Max Culp


Luke Friedman

Cal Thrush


Matt Singer


Nate Tolliver


Max Friedman

Zach Corna


Mitch Igoe


Jack Caine


Andrew Guy

Nicholas Schantz


Colton Christman


Chase Morgan


Jack Gilmour

Jake Selcer


Kyle McLaughlin


James Wilcox


Mark Lee

Wally Swiney


Luke Nelson


Jack Clifford


Mitchell Stock

Jason Milo


Noah Dunlap


Jack VanAman


Gage Gallichio

Jackson Dodge


Casey Reitz


Dean Mason


Weston Gregg

Ryan Piccinich


Charlie Jackson


Connor Henry


Noah Gehlert

Colson Burkhardt


Max Hanks


Drew Parker


Henry Baumann



Scott Sweetland


Eli Gesler


Max Gierhart


Jack Thrush


Rich Gerhardt


Andy Culp


Eric Friedman

Tim Casey




Dwight Tolliver




6th Grade GBBC squad selections







Brady Catalano


Teddy Purcell


Will King

Tommy Janowicz


Duke Lashutka


Gio Delibera

Luke Chandler


Mac Igoe


Nate Schoeny

Lakin Rex


Aiden Lape


Ben Hendrix

Fred Zang


Carter Hubbard


Quinn Crotty

Hudson Jones


Emmett O'Brien


Ryan Miller

Josh Ali


Connor Boothby


Cole Knape

Caleb Ching


Shervin Bajestani


Evan DiPiazza-McWilliams

Gianni Horn


Grant Kuehn


Andrew Rucker

Emre Gulcur


Noah Ezzie


Evan Peratopolous

















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